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What is Vein Ablation?

The technology for treating varicose and spider veins has improved significantly. Treatment can be done at your vein clinic, typically in under an hour. Patients are usually able to return to work and their regular activities shortly after the procedure.

If you’re considering vein ablation, it’s perfectly normal to have questions. At Esthetic Vascular Center, Dr. Shahrzad Shareghi specializes in eliminating varicose veins. Becoming familiar with treatments like vein ablation can help you make an informed decision and know what to expect to ensure a fast recovery.

What are varicose and spider veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted, rope-like veins that typically appear blue or purple. They occur when valves meant to keep blood flowing in one direction become faulty. This causes blood to pool in the veins, the force causing veins to take on a characteristic appearance. They can occur anywhere but are most often seen on the legs. Spider veins are a smaller version of this problem.

Varicose veins are not only an aesthetic issue – most people feel self-conscious about them – they are also a sign of vein disease. Left untreated, varicose veins can cause complications like skin ulcers, bleeding, and blood clots, though this is uncommon.

What is vein ablation?

Vein ablation is a procedure Dr. Shareghi offers to treat diseased blood vessels, effectively eliminating varicose veins. This improves the appearance of the treatment area and reduces the chances of complications related to vein disease.

There’s no need to worry about eliminating the diseased veins. Your circulatory system is comprised of thousands of miles of veins that keep blood flowing through your body. When the diseased veins are eliminated, the body simply reroutes blood to healthier blood vessels.

What does vein ablation involve?

Dr. Shareghi uses the industry-leading Icon® Aesthetic System to treat a wide range of cosmetic issues, including varicose veins. The fractional ablative laser component provides dramatic results and fast recovery. The device delivers controlled laser energy that collapses and closes the diseased vein. This makes the vein gradually fade and disappear. There’s no need for cutting or needles.

Advantages of vein ablation

Vein ablation is an extremely effective treatment for varicose and spider veins. It doesn’t require that you undergo full anesthesia and can be done at the clinic in a short amount of time. Dr. Shareghi will recommend the best treatment option based on your individual situation.

What causes varicose veins?

A variety of factors raise the chances of developing varicose veins including being overweight, pregnancy, and lack of movement. If you have a family history of varicose veins, you’re at an increased risk of developing them as well. Varicose and spider veins are some of the first signs that you may have or are developing vein disease. Symptoms that your veins aren’t functioning properly include:

These symptoms suggest the valves that keep blood flowing in one direction may have become diseased or damaged. This causes the pressure to build inside the veins as the blood backs up. While you can put off treatment for a while, eventually you’ll need treatment to prevent additional health issues.

Care after vein ablation

A quick recovery is a benefit of vein ablation. Dr. Shareghi may prescribe some pain medication to manage any discomfort. It’s typically recommended that you wear compression stockings for at least a few days after the procedure to promote good blood flow and reduce bruising. This also lowers the chances of developing blood clots.

We encourage patients to walk for a few minutes each hour for the first day after the procedure to keep blood moving and prevent blood clots. Be sure to follow all after care instruction to ensure a full recovery.

For more information about vein ablation procedures for varicose or spider veins, contact our Simi Valley or Thousand Oaks offices to schedule a consultation.

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