SculpSure: Slimming Down Without Painful Surgery

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There’s a reason why diet and exercise can fall short when it comes to eliminating stubborn pockets of fat. Unfortunately, several factors can lead to these diet-resistant bulges that are impossible to lose, including your hormones and genes. But you don’t have to turn to costly surgical treatments with risky side effects and lengthy with downtimes.

Thanks to innovative advancements in fat reduction technologies like SculpSure®,  men and women in Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks, California, can melt away their fat at the Vascular Esthetic Center in less than 30 minutes.

Blasting Fat with SculpSure

Dr. Shareghi loves SculpSure because it fights fat on a cellular level by destroying it. This unique approach harnesses laser energy with specially designed applicators. When placed on your treatment area, SculpSure delivers specific amounts of heat to your fat cells to damage their structural integrity. This injury causes them to die, and your body flushes them from your system permanently.

SculpSure comes with 100% patient satisfaction and safely eliminates up to 24% of fat in numerous areas of your body, including:

The best part about SculpSure is that it’s also gentle enough to use on sensitive areas, like your jawline. Using a special applicator, Dr. Shareghi can also help you get a slimmer chin and neck to improve your profile.

SculpSure in action

The science behind SculpSure is leveraging wavelengths of energy to target and destroy adipose tissue. While SculpSure’s patented technology raises the temperature of this fat tissue, it simultaneously applies Contact Cooling™ on your skin’s surface. This combination of temperature control ensures fat cells in your body are effectively damaged while the rest of your skin remains unharmed and comfortable throughout your treatment.

SculpSure also applies heat in the treatment area with a feathering motion, so you get natural-looking, fat reduction results. You can expect the best outcomes if your body mass index (BMI) is 30 or less, but Dr. Shareghi recommends SculpSure for men and women with a BMI up to 43.

Using SculpSure to fight fat fast

When you’re looking for fat-fighting solutions fast, it can’t be easier than SculpSure. Whether you want to treat one area or several, Dr. Shareghi can have you on your way in under 30 minutes.

During your SculpSure treatment, Dr. Shareghi configures up to four customizable applicators to fit your problem areas before securing them in place like a belt. SculpSure sessions are usually comfortable and painless, so you can read, nap, or relax while it’s underway. After your treatment, you may notice mild bruising, tenderness, or stiffness in the area, but this fades quickly.

Over the first six weeks after your SculpSure treatment, you can expect to see initial changes in the treated area as your body works to remove the damaged fat cells from your system. In most cases, you reach maximum results within 12 weeks. Depending on your overall goals, Dr. Shareghi might suggest a series of SculpSure treatments to ensure optimal results.

To maintain your SculpSure results, Dr. Shareghi recommends following a sensible diet and exercise program.


Find out more about slimming down without painful surgery, call Shahrzad Shareghi, MD, or schedule an appointment online today.

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