Blasting Stubborn Fat with Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Dedicating yourself to sweating it out in the gym and adhering to “clean eating” isn’t always enough to achieve your ideal figure. If you find yourself plagued by stubborn areas of fat despite diet and exercise, you’re not alone.

Many women and men have trouble getting rid of problem spots in areas like the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and flanks. If you’re in this category and feel like giving up, laser technology can offer an effective solution.

Learn how SculpSure®, a non-surgical body contouring solution, can banish excess fat and help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

The power of laser technology

SculpSure is a revolutionary device that uses the power of laser energy to eliminate pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. With this versatile, state-of-the-art contouring system, Dr. Shahrzad Shareghi can refine your shape and improve your figure down to the finest detail.

Dr. Shareghi creates an individualized treatment plan based on your unique aesthetic goals to address stubborn areas of unwanted fat and help you look and feel better.

How Does SculpSure work?

SculpSure delivers controlled heat that penetrates fat cells deep beneath the skin while keeping the surface cool and comfortable. The heat energy permanently damages fat cells, destroying them once a specific temperature is reached.

Over the course of several weeks following treatment, the body’s own detoxification system naturally and permanently removes the damaged fat cells from the body. Once they’re eliminated, they’re gone for good.

Skip the hassle with SculpSure

The SculpSure body contouring system fits into any schedule. Treatment is performed in-office, is fast, and requires no cutting, no anesthesia, and no downtime. With SculpSure technology, you can be in and out of the office in no time.

Dr. Shareghi treats each targeted area in as little as 25 minutes and can treat four problem areas simultaneously. Following treatment, you can immediately return to work, the gym, and the rest of your daily activities without pain and feeling great.

When will you see results?

Patients enjoy results after just one treatment, but it takes time for the body to flush out the damaged fat cells. Most patients see results in as little as six weeks. It’s typical to notice gradual improvement over the course of 12 weeks.

You may notice that your figure appears slimmer in the treatment areas. Optimal results are typically seen at 12 weeks. For maximum benefits, it’s recommended for most patients to schedule a series of treatments. Dr. Shareghi schedules treatments up to eight weeks apart.

What is treatment with SculpSure like?

Your comfort is our number one priority. As you sit or lie comfortably, Dr. Shareghi glides the SculpSure device over the treatment area. Most patients read or listen to music during their session. Treatment is pain-free.

Patients typically describe feeling a tingling or sensation of warmth during treatment. Following treatment, you may experience swelling and redness in the treatment area. These symptoms are temporary and typically resolve within a few hours of treatment.

Amazing results

SculpSure eliminates up to 24% of fat per treatment area, more than other available laser technologies. Now you can smooth and shape your body to achieve a natural-looking, slimmer body contour.

Dr. Shareghi can help you refine your figure. The SculpSure body contouring system targets specific areas with great precision, allowing you to quickly and painlessly refine and smooth your body based on your ideal aesthetic goals.

Whether you’re after a flatter stomach or slimmer thighs, SculpSure may be the solution you’ve been seeking. For more information about SculpSure treatment with Dr. Shareghi, call our Simi Valley or Thousand Oaks office to schedule your initial consultation or book your appointment conveniently online.

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